January note of happenings

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Hi. I’m packing my bags to head out today to join the leadership and team of Encouragement Cafe in Myrtle Beach for a ladies’ retreat.

The oceanfront in January has a completely different feel, at least to me, than in the summer months. More austere and somehow, more powerful. In the summer it relaxes me, mellows me – but in the winter it charges me up.


beach in winter


I’m looking forward to the sessions of course. Plus I know we’re going to be led by some artists in a painting exercise – that should be fun. I’m not sure what we are painting but I spent a year with the one word CREATE and learned to embrace experiences like this (even though I’m not very arts-and-crafts artsy).

I’m also looking forward to time and fellowship with all the women coming – I’m a confirmed extrovert. In fact, according to The Forte Institute I am more extroverted than 85% of the population. (My poor husband.) That, combined with my southern upbringing, means I’ve hardly met a stranger.  And I guess being a writer, people just fascinate me.

I recently saw a FB post that said: “If you catch me starting at you, don’t be alarmed – I’m trying to decide if there is a place for you in my new novel. And how I might kill you off.”


I’m also very much looking forward to sitting in front of the sea with my Bible, some books, my laptop, and my journal. And coffee if I can find a decent cup. I’ve got a strong idea of what my one word for 2016 will be but I never force myself to settle on one in early January so I’ll spend a little time considering other options this weekend.

This should be a nice punctuation mark on the end of my holiday break. Next week classes begin at the university and I’ll be teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays this semester. Tuesday I’ve got a on-air interview with a TV station. And Thursday, well, let’s just say my Christmas decorations are still up in this house and that needs to change. I have a few writing assignments due and radio shows to record as well before the week is out. Plus, the four things I know I am forgetting right now.

I would go get my nails done before heading to this retreat but I broke two of them – one on each hand – down to the quick. They look too jacked up to spend money on them or to draw much attention to them (does anyone else think this way?) so I’m off to trim them and throw on some pale pink polish that can dry while I drive.

I wonder if I’ll meet any characters this weekend to insert into my novel.

Have a good one,


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