New Weekly Ritual

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I got an adult coloring book for Christmas.

(Side Note: Typing that sentence makes me feel like I am suddenly 83 years-old in a nursing home. Perhaps that’s because I associate coloring books – and dolls – with childhood, and because I gave a porcelain doll to my great aunt for Christmas when she was in a nursing home. She really wanted a doll according to my mom, so I bought her one and she absolutely adored it. Kind of like I’m adoring my new coloring book. Hence, I suddenly feel I must be 83.)

Last weekend I spent some time with some artists looking through their journals. These were pages and pages of their original artwork with verses and messages scribbled atop. They were fascinating and inspiring, and beautiful. Here, see what I mean:


art by Lisa Albinus

by my lovely friend Lisa Albinus


So I’ve been developing a new weekly ritual in 2016. My goal is to meditate on and memorize one scripture verse a week this year. And my plan is to utilize coloring and art as a means of slowing down and meditating on the verse.

So I light a candle. I stream some David Nevue music. I pull out my colored pencil set, and my coloring book and journal. And I repeat the verse over & over in my mind while considering its meaning as I color, write and draw.


colored pencils


Right now I’m using the verses in my coloring-art books, but I will eventually move on to creating original art in my journal using scriptures that touch upon my one word for 2016 (AHEAD).

In the past I’ve memorized entire passages or entire chapters, such as Colossians chapter 3, but this year my aim is simply one powerful verse a week. That’s it.

This week it’s Jeremiah 31:3 …


“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

This verse is saying to me this week that God’s love for me is everlasting. It doesn’t give up, quit or run out for any reason. Nothing in or about me can change this quality in Him.

So no matter how I behave toward Him or others – or how others behave towards me – God will always treat me with kindness. He is faithful in that, and He is happy to treat me with kindness because He loves me.

The world’s love says, “If you … ”

Yet God’s love says, “Even if you … ”

This is why the Bible’s message of salvation through grace and the portrait the New Testament paints of God is so often called “the good news” (aka: the gospel).

If you don’t already have some kind of devotional reading plan for this year, consider starting this weekly ritual with me of artfully memorizing one powerful verse a week in 2016.

PS. To avoid looking 83 I might add a moisturizing mask to this weekly ritual. Let me know if you have a good recipe for one.

Eyes Ahead,


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