Hi, I’m Rachel  – words are my thing.

I am an agented author with multiple non-fiction books published. I’ve written books solo, as an editor of an edited volume, and as a co-author. I’ve written for magazines, newspapers and on-line publications.

Words are my thing, and l love to make them sing.


I’ve coached/edited over a dozen published authors – nearly all of them published by traditional publishing houses. I coach self-publishing writers too. In fact if you’re trying to decide whether to self-publish or seek publication, I can guide you in that decision. My passion is working with thought leaders to shape and create their books.

Book Publishing Experience …


  • Contributing author to three anthologies.

  • Contributing writer to the NIV Real Life Devotional Bible.


Additional Deets …

  • Wrote a monthly magazine column.

  • Published in local newsprint periodicals across the country.

  • Served as editor of an online publication reaching well over half a million subscribers weekly.

  • Been privately coaching clients since 2010.

  • Earned a journalism degree in undergrad (where I edited at the university paper), then a master’s in communication studies in graduate school.

  • Wrote a published master’s thesis, as well as articles for scholarly journals.

  • Continue to teach courses in communication, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for the University of North Carolina Wilmington.


I enjoy writing but I also enjoy empowering other people with great messages to communicate them well.

Want more backstory?

I binge-watch the Olympics – I’m a former competitive gymnast. Typos are my kryptonite. Doritos are my chip of choice, but I usually buy Tostitos and guac instead. I’m partial to 80’s music. And southern rock.

I married my public speaking professor. He gave me a “B.” I went on to get paid to speak at events around the country after we got married. Lesson here: Even if you got a B in English, I can help you write a great book.

After grad school, my first job was writing a monthly column. I framed my first paycheck which seems very visionary of me, but it was for less than $80.

Bad writing makes me fidgety; I see its potential and feel a need to fix it. I love teaching at the university – the students teach me along the way as I teach them.

The first chapter-book I ever read (of my own accord) was a biography of Amelia Earhart. My dad wrote screenplays. I drink coffee from Trader Joe’s concentrate mix. And my Netflix list includes everything from Hart of Dixie, to Madame Secretary, to The Blacklist.


Wordsmithing skills
Coffee making skills


If you want to write a book, think you could benefit from some professional help with it, and suspect I’d be a good coach for you, be sure to get on my mailing list to hear about upcoming opportunities.

If you have something besides a book you think could benefit from my writing skills, drop me an email and tell me about the project: p31(dot)rachel@gmail.com